“Bank of Lanzhou Cup” Lanzhou International Marathon 2021 Marathon FINAL of the 14th National Games Rules & Regulations

. Host

Chinese Athletics Association(CAA), Gansu Provincial Sports Bureau, Lanzhou Municipal People’s Government


. Organizer

Lanzhou Municipal Sports Bureau  


. Co-organizer

Gansu Provincial Television Station, Air Traffic Control Branch of Gansu Civil Aviation, Gansu Provincial Radio Management Committee, Publicity Department of Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee, Lanzhou Municipal Civilization Office, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Education, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Public Security, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Lanzhou Urban Management Commission, Lanzhou Municipal Traffic Committee, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commence, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Lanzhou Municipal Health & Planning Commission, Lanzhou Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Lanzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Lanzhou Market Authority, Lanzhou City Management Committee, Lanzhou Communist Youth League Committee, Lanzhou Daily, Lanzhou Municipal General Station of Radio & Television, Lanzhou Municipal Greening Command Headquarter of North &South Mountain, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Meteorology, Lanzhou Government of Chengguan District, Lanzhou Government of Qilihe District, Lanzhou Government of Anning District, Gansu Province Electric Investment Group Corporation, Lanzhou Management Commission of Yellow River Scenic Line, Lanzhou Power Supply Company, Lanzhou Bus Group, Lanzhou Office of Gansu Branch of China Telecom, Lanzhou Office of Gansu Branch of China Mobile, Lanzhou Office of Gansu Branch of China Unicom., Lanzhou office of Gansu Radio & Television Network


IV. Operating Unit

Amazing China (Beijing) Sports Management Co., Ltd.


V. Date

7:30am. June 13, 2021 (Sunday)


VI. Race Category

1. Marathon (42.195km): 1,5000 participants 

2. Half Marathon (21.0975km): 7,000 participants

3. Health Run (5km): 8,000 participants

4. Family Run (5km): 2,000 participants


. Race Group

Marathon: Men’s & Women’s;

Half Marathon: Men’s & Women’s;

Health Run &Family Run: Mass in all


. Route

1. Marathon: Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center (START)  Beibinhedong Road  Yantan Yellow River Bridge  Nanbinhedong Road → Nanbinhezhong Road  Nanbinhexi Road   Yintan Yellow River Bridge  Beibinhexi Road → Zhongbang Avenue (U turn) → Beibinhexi Road → Beibinhezhong Road → Beibinhedong Road  Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center (FINISH)

2. Half Marathon: Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center (START)  Beibinhedong Road  Yantan Yellow River Bridge  Nanbinhedong Road  Nanbinhezhong Road  Qilihe Yellow River Bridge  Anningdong Road (U turn) → Beibinhezhong Road  Lanzhou Yellow River Bridge in Chengguan District (FINISH)

3. Health Run & Family Run: Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center (START)  Beibinhedong Road  Yantan Yellow River Bridge  Nanbinhedong Road  middle section of Jinchangbei Road (FINISH)


IX. Registration Date

1. Pre-registration date: April 14 (10:00 ) to April 20 (17:00). Late registration is not accepted

2. Ballot result publication: April 26;

3. Payment time:

1) For runners with permanent bibs: April 22 (10:00) - April 23 (17:00);

2) For Direct-pass Runners: April 24 (10:00 ) - April 25 (17:00);

3) For mass participants who win the ballot: pay in the days from April 26 (since publication) to April 30 (17:00) . Over payment will be considered as disqualification, and no other ways to enter again. In case of unpaid conditions after first ballot, a second ballot will start and result will be published later on (time to be noticed). Winning participants have 3 days to handle payments, and no more ballot even though there are still unpaid cases;

4) Methods of registration please refer to Notice of Registration.

  4. The professional athletes who participate in marathon FINAL of the 14th National Games will enter Lanzhou Marathon under entry methods stipulated by the CAA;

5. For entry method details please carefully refer to Participation Notice of the Marathon FINAL of the 14th National Games.


X. Registration Fess:

1. Marathon: 160RMB/person;

2. Half Marathon: 120RMB/person;

3. Health Run, Family Run: 60RMB/person

Note: Please note that fees will not be refunded after registration is officially confirmed, in case of runners absence for personal reasons. Refuned fees happen on the condition as explained in items called Epidemic Prevention Requirement which belong to Participation Method.



XI. Participation Method

1. Age limit

(1) Marathon: over 20 (born before Dec.31, 2001);

(2) Half Marathon: over 16 (born before Dec.31, 2005);

(3) Health Run: over 13 (born before Dec.31, 2008);

(4) Family Run: below 13 (only and must). Up to 3 participants from each family are permitted (including at least one guardian and one kid under 13, born after Jan.1, 2009).

(5) Participants under 18 (born before Dec.31, 2003)could only enroll base on the condition that their guardians or legal representatives have signed Disclaimer Statements.

   2. Health Requirement

Marathon is an athletic sport of high load and great intensity of long distances. It is also a high risk athletic sport. Thus, it requires high physical conditions on participants. Participants should have good health and long-term running or training experience before decision. They must choose competition categories according to their own health conditions and capability, and confirm related terms in Participation Declaration . 

It is suggested to have physical tests one month before the race, which includes but not limited to blood pressure, heart rate, cardio-cerebrovascular, heart, lung, liver and kidney function, etc.
Those who have diseases/ conditions below should not participate:

(1) congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;

(2) hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;

(3) myocarditis and other heart disease;

(4) coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;

(5) diabetes with over high or low blood sugar;

(6) Pregnant;

(7) got flu within 2 weeks before the race;

(8) drink alcohol one night before the race or sleeplessness;

(9)not recovered from infectious diseases;

(10) other diseases unfit for sports.

3. Epidemic Prevention Requirement

(1) Participants must confirm no travelling or staying records in following areas, within 21 days before the race (i.e. on and since May24, 2021): overseas, Including Hong Kong, Macau, Chinese Taiwan, and domestic epidemic areas of moderate/high risk;

(2) Participants are required to have been vaccinated before June 13. Race bags can be obtained with just proof provided( either in electronic or in paper format) showing been vaccinated;

(3) As for collecting race bags, those participants who are unable to be vaccinated must provide the test report of NAT(Nucleic Acid Testing) taken 7 days before the race day (i.e. on and since June 6, 2021). The report result must be in negative and can be in either electronic or paper format. Those participants include people with following conditions:

 under 18, or above 60;

 belong to people in the category of vaccination taboo listed in Vaccination Technical Guide of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (first Edition) published by National Health Commission, but comply with health conditions explained in this REGULATION; Please provide proof issued by hospitals;

 already booked for Vaccination within one week after winning the ballot, but the injection date is scheduled after June 13 (schedule proof to be provided) ;

 have not finished Vaccination of the 2nd dose of Vero cells and 3rd does of CHO Cells before June 13 (vaccination record to be provided)

(4) Before entering the race, participants need to apply for "Gansu Provincial Health Code" or apply for "Health Code", which can get through the National Government Service platform;

(5) The race of this year will only accept runners from low-risk areas (regardless of nationality). During the period since registration is confirmed by the LOC, till the race day, in case any participants staying area suffers the risk changing such as rising from low degree to medium or high degree, the LOC will then cancel the participants qualification, refund entry fees and retain the qualification until 2022;

(6) The LOC will provide epidemic prevention supplies for participants in relevant areas such as race site, the start area and the finish areas. Anyone who enters these areas must correctly wear masks in correct ways;

(7) On the race day, the LOC will set up inspection channels in main areas of the race site, for infrared temperature measurement and checkout of "Gansu Provincial Health Travel Code". Those participants who have abnormal body temperatures will receive further examinations. They should cooperate with epidemic prevention personnel or relevant LOC staff. For those who are in abnormal health conditions or have "travel code" shown in green, the LOC has the right to terminate their participation in the race, with registration fees refunding to them after the race;

(8) On the race day, only participants wearing number bibs are allowed to enter the race site, NO ENTRY for other accompanies;

(9) Except running the race, participants should wear masks correctly in relevant areas and follow orders of working staff;

(10) Disposable masks are provided by the LOC at the finish line, please wear them correctly after receiving them;

(11) Finishers must follow on-site staffs instructions to leave soon, for individual prevention. Dont lingering about near the race site;

(12) During running, participants must arise awareness of epidemic prevention, avoiding any body touch with other runners and keeping safe distances.


XII. Competition Method

1. The race is conducted in accordance with the latest Rules and Regulations of Track & Field certified by the CAA and regulations of 2021 Lanzhou International Marathon. 

2. One-gun starts.

3. Starting Order

Elite Runners start first, followed by amateur runners (queue in each area against runners’ PB), Half Marathon runners (queue in each area against runners’ PB), Health Run, and Family Run comes after. There is no race category especially for wheelchair participants. Amateur wheelchair participants should start at the end, following judges instructions;

4. Check in

(1) The professional athletes who participate in marathon FINAL of the 14th National Games must reach specially designated check-in areas 30 minutes before race starts. Those who are absent for check in would not have officially verified results;

(2) Other participants please get ready 60 minutes before race starts, at designated check-in areas according to race categories and bib numbers allocation. Check-in carpets are set for running past first, and runners will then have to pass timing carpets to get valid results;

(3) Participants in back check-in zones are forbidden to check from the front zones, while those in front zones are able to do this on the contrast. Those who obey this rule would receive results/ranks cancellation, and suffer participation suspension for one year additionally ;

(4) Ten minutes after gun time, no runner is allowed to enter the course road.

5. Bib numbers are stipulated by the Organizer. All participants are requested to wear the big number bibs on front side. Those who obey this rule, or fold or cover bibs would get invalid results. Those who do not wear timing chips in a correct way and cause record missing in timing spots, would be deprive of results.

6. Timing Method

(1) The LOC provides disposable timing chips for Marathon and Half Marathon participants. Chips start timing once runners run past the starting line. Only chips distributed by the LOC are available in the race. Runners who have abnormal data conditions due to wrong ways of chip wearing will have to bear responsibilities on their own, other than the Organizer;

 (2) Runners must run past every timing point, including the starting point, every 5km, 21.0975km, the “U” turn point, and the finishing point along the route. Within cut-off time, If any result of finishers at any timing point is missing, the finisher would not be ranked, neither no result certificates to be produced;

 (3) No timing chips are provided for runners of Health Run and Family Run.

7. Deposit of Personal Belongings

(1) Deposit place for Marathon runners is set in the exhibition center, and half marathon deposit place is set in the storage buses around backside of half marathon assembly area. Buses leave away 15 minutes before race starts. On the race day, participants should get back personal belongings at designated places before 11:30 (for Half Marathon), or 14:30 (for Marathon). For delay circumstances, please come to the LOC office on the next day. However, the LOC will dispose those things if there is no one come for reclaiming within 3 days;

(2) Participants should deposit personal belongings according to rules. Valuables (such as mobile phones, valid documentations, cash, watches, bank cards, keys, ipads and cameras, etc.), the fragile and flammable, explosive and prohibited items should not be left in bags. Please do not hand over your belongings to staff outside deposit areas, otherwise any damage, loss or security accident has to be borne on your own ;  

(3) No deposit service for health run and family run.

8. Allocation of water, beverage and refreshments stations are placed in accordance with Operation Guidebooks of Chinese Marathons and Related Games, see more details in race’s Official Program.

9. Cut-off Distance &Time  

To ensure safety and smooth, cut-off times are set at each section along the course road during the race, blocking the traffic within limited time. After the cut-off time, the traffic will be unblocked at corresponding sections. Participants should stop and quit from the course, and wait for aid vehicles to reach the FINISH. Those who violate this rule should be responsible for legal liabilities and liabilities. Cut-off details are as follows:

Starting time


Cut -off Hour

Cut -off Time



















Half Marathon


















Note:I n case of special conditions, the Organizing Committee has the right to cut off in advance, and all runners must obey this.


10. About race bag collection:

1) three days before the race day, participants should bring their valid credentials which are used when registration to reach designated place for race item collection, no substitution of this conduct. Race items include number bibs, timing chips, Official Program booklets, etc. See more info in Collection Notice of Race Items;

2) The LOC has the right to refuse the distribution of race items to unqualified participants and entry fees would not be refunded.


XIII. Rank and Award

1. Prize Structure

    1) Marathon Rank Prize (Unit:RMB)

Top 8 winners of men and women are listed, subject to gun time results:




Prize (RMB)

Result Requirement


Prize (RMB)

Result Requirement



Sub 2:14:00



Sub 2:31:30


Equal/Above 2:14:00


Equal/Above 2:31:30



Sub 2:14:00



Sub 2:31:30


Equal/Above 2:14:00


Equal/Above 2:31:30





Sub 2:14:00





Sub 2:31:30


Equal/Above 2:14:00


Equal/Above 2:31:30































2) Award of Record Breaking:

Breaking Lanzhou Marathon Record: 70,000RMB (Only No.1 is awarded);

3) Half Marathon Rank Prize (Unit: RMB)   

Top 20 of men and women are listed, all subject to net time results.



















2. According to tax rules, 20% of prize fees would be charged as individual income, the Organizing Committee will do this on behalf;

3. Finishers within cut-off times are awarded of medals. Results are published on website 24 hours after the race, and result certificates are available to print as well.

4. The LOC provides runners with T-shirts, race bags and number bibs. Participation Certificates will be issued to runners of Health Run and Family Run.



1. In order to strengthen the management of competition ethos and discipline, the Organizing Committee strictly prohibits transferring (or accepting transferring), selling (or buying) the race spaces. It is prohibited for all those who run, rub, forge number bibs or use non-race number bibs to enter the course road. Once found out, violators will be banned for lifetime suspension of participating in the events organized by Lanzhou Marathon Organizing Committee, and the behaviors will be submitted to the CAA (Chinese Athletics Athletics Association) for additional punishments. The Organizing Committee will also reserve the right to investigate the legal liability of the violators for any financial loss or serious impact;

2. Video surveillance will be carried out by the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) at the START, the FINISH, and along the course. Runners conducting the following behaviors would receive organizer’s penalties, such as cancellation of results and qualification, suspension of participation in the next 1 or 2 years, even for lifetime, considering the seriousness of the circumstances. Moreover, this penalty would be reported to the CAA (Chinese Athletics Association) for additional penalties.

1) One runner wears two or more timing chips while running (Including male runners wear female runnerschips);

2) Disobey the right starting sequence to start in wrong areas;

3) Violate rules when start;

4) Accomplish the race by relay;

5) Continue the race instead of stopping and quitting after cut-off time, or return to the race after quit;

6) Not follow the course road, take shortcuts, or jump into the race by taking any transportation vehicles;

7) Pass the finish line repeatedly or get medals and souvenirs without finishing the race;

8) Stay still near the starting line or finish line, or on course road (including but not limited to dancing, performing, taking pictures or conducting other behaviors that affects other runners);

9) Pass the finish line without wearing bibs in correct ways;

10) Pass the finish line to get medals, by wearing fake number bibs, or wearing Lanzhou Marathon bibs of previous editions;

11) Alter or block number bibs;

12) Use false information such as false age, or pretend to be overseas runners to obtain entry qualification;

13) Conduct uncivilized behaviors (such as defecating indiscriminately, littering, etc.)

14) Refuse to follow instructions of working staff, or break the racing order with riotous behaviors or fight each other influencing the race;

15) Disobey the epidemic prevention requirements stipulated by the LOC;

16) Conduct other behaviors that violate rules and regulations.


XV. Race Security & Medical Care

1. The LOC covers personal accident insurance service for each runner and working staff, during the race period (Details of insurance category, amounts are all subject to contents of the final version of insurance sheets. In case any person provides incomplete, incorrect, or fake information, the person would have to bear legal responsibilities on his/her own, including but not limited to the failure in insurance purchase or claims.

2. At the start point, finish point, and each 2.5 kilometers since 5km spot, medical care stations are assembled;

3. AED assistants and medical volunteers are ready along the course, to assist staff at medical care stations and maintain race orders. Runners may seek help from them if needed. During the race, medical supervisors are eligible to require runners to stop and turn in their bibs, base on their bad body conditions. Those runners who violate this would have to bear all results and responsibilities by themselves. Those runners who loss consciousness would considered to accept life saving methods by the LOC, including but not limited to CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), AED external defibrillation and rapid transit with vehicles or air crafts, etc.


Special notes:

1. During the race, due to personal reasons (including but not limited to self-owned chronic diseases, invisible diseases, inadequate physical endurance, etc.), if any physical discomfort and related diseases and symptoms occurred (including but not limited to heat stroke, fainting, etc.) is recognized by insurance company out of compensation scope , the runner has to bear all legal responsibilities and results on his/her own, the LOC however would not cover this loss. Please register after careful assessments of your physical conditions.

2. The LOC provides free, on-site first aid medical treatments during the competition. The participants may apply to the insurance company for claims or negotiate with the the company after settlements with hospital. The Organizing Committee may provides necessary information for contact assistance.

3. In the event of personal injury or death caused by doping or other prohibited drugs during the race, all legal liabilities and consequences occurred therefore (including but not limited to medical treatments, work injury, disability compensation, death compensation, etc.) shall be borne by runners themselves.


XVI. Contact Us

Tel: 0086-(0)931-8433220 ( 9:00-17:00 during working days)

Web: www.lzmarathon.com

Official Wechat Account: Lanzhou Marathon

Add: 8th floor, Building 4 of Mingcheng Plaza, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu, China


XVII. The LOC has the explanation right of this REGULATION. Issues not mentioned here would be noticed in future.